Inbal Becker-Reshef
Research Assistant Professor
Suite 410 Hartwick
Department of Geographical Sciences
(301) 405-7954

Dr. Becker-Reshef's work is focused on the application of satellite information for agricultural monitoring at national and global scales. She manages the Global Agricultural Monitoring (GLAM) activities at UMD, leading efforts on crop yield forecasting, agricultural drought monitoring and national capacity development. Dr. Becker-Reshef is actively involved in the G-20 GEOGLAM (Group on Earth Observations Global Agricultural Monitoring) initiative aimed at strengthening international capacity for producing and disseminating timely and accurate agricultural production forecasts at national, regional and global scales through the use of earth observations. Additionally, she serves on the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) Ad Hoc Working Group on GEOGLAM, focused on developing the satellite data requirements for this initiative, and is the co-lead of the GEO Production Area and Yield multi-agency database task. 


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Ph.D Geographical Sciences, University of Maryland 2012

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